Web design – Does it Drive the Success Factor of a Website?

If you have a website, you would want it to serve your purpose. No one would want a website that does not have a good layout and a proper web design to match the purpose. You can definitely do with a one page drab and dull website, containing a long sales letter and putting a few sales links to the payment gateway. In the present day scenario these websites would not work. No one would risk putting up a website of this type because there would be no traffic coming in. People searching the web are educated today, they are in need of something and they do not have the time to go through the long sales letter. Crisp and short content focusing on the product or service with excellent web design will get the revenues and returns.

Your web design must be relevant to the content. A black background with dark images does not work for a cuisine website dark web links. A florist will never get great orders if he decides to use just white and black as his principal designing colors. You do not have to make your website very colorful and lively to ensure that the traffic gets in. Just relevant designing and focused content would get you the orders and the sales. Some believe that a good amount of live video feeds or animated graphics would help the website notch up good profits. These websites take time to load, and unless there is extremely dedicated traffic coming in, chances are that people might not want to wait for the website to open up.

Webmasters are not website specialists. They have an idea and they want to market that in the least possible time. They approach a website designer to take them through with the idea and open up the gates to great revenues. The web design expert must understand the needs of the customer immediately and help with a number of graphical suggestions. This would help the webmaster to arrive at a decision. Once a choice is made, the website professional immediately gets into action and delivers a custom-built website with relevant designing. The content is added and the website is ready to go.

In the present day context where there are multiple levels of competition for a single product, it is the visual effect that plays an important role. Though web design does not contribute to the ranking of a website significantly, relevant designing helps in motivating the traffic to move through until the sales link is clicked. For example, if you give relevant and interesting images of the interiors of an RV vehicle for which you are a service provider, your sales would definitely be more than your nearest competitor who has an ordinary-looking website. The web design needs to be prepared after considering the buyers attitude as a prime concern. Some of the websites that cater to a specific kind of buyers need to have images or videos to convince the buyers. It’s a human tendency to trust more what is seen than trusting what is presented in text. The language and the legibility of the content also matters a lot for the efficiency of the website. If the background of the text is dark it can at times irritate the visitor. If the font size of the text is too small it may not be legible for the visitor, especially if the visitor is having spectacles and come of age. At time the visitor may not order for the product just because he/she is not convinced by the confidentiality of the data like the username and password of the financial transaction tool used. The billing that is presented forth the visitor should include the taxes and logistics. The testimonials and feedback from earlier buyers prove to be very effective at convincing the visitor.

The traffic to any website needs to be maximized to optimize its utility. The strategies of search engine optimization need to be applied for traffic maximization. It has been proved that the websites that feature on the top list of the search engine receive the maximum number of clicks. Some of the prominent strategies of search engine optimization include use of appropriate key words, key word phrases, in coming links, outgoing links, and speed of downloading and navigational ease.

The balance of text content and visual content is necessary for being indexed on the search engine list. The visual content is more effective than the text content at converting the visitor into the buyer. Usually the visual content is not considered for indexing by most of the search engine list. Besides this negative side, if appropriate technology is not used for embedding the image on the website, it can add to the load of the website and consequently decrease the speed of downloading. It the downloading time is prolonged the visitor may lose interest in visiting the website.

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