Should You Use a Stun Gun on a Dog?


As a client assistance agent for a significant immobilizer supply organization, barely a day goes by that I am not gotten some information about immobilizers and their adequacy on creatures. There is a clear requirement for these individuals to control undesirable advances from forceful canines. It’s a confounded issue and I would rather not suggest an item intended for the apprehensive and muscular build arrangement of people. Here are a things to remember whether you need to go this course.


Above all else, there are items available explicitly intended to control canine animosity. Mace Security makes an item called Muzzle Dog Repellent that is EPA endorsed. It is a pepper shower item that can splash up to 10 feet. Pepper shower (OC) is a known successful tearing specialist that works generally speaking. A few people, and 30-30 Winchester  likewise, can “battle through” the impacts so it can not be viewed as successful in all cases.


One more item to consider is the Super Dog Chaser. This little hand held unit utilizes two methods for repulsing a canine. One is a discomforting high recurrence sound over the scope of human hearing. The second is a brilliant LED blazing strobe that briefly befuddles the canine. The maker claims viability up to 40 feet.


I can observe no friend explored controlled concentrate on that analyzes the viability of immobilizers on creatures. There is some episodic proof that proposes that the devise might deliver the ideal outcome on canines in some measure in certain circumstances. Adam Katz, proprietor of, suggests the immobilizer. “Assuming you see a wanderer or released canine moving toward you, press the two or multiple times,” he says. “We’ve observed that the electrical charge hits ultra high recurrence sound waves that main the canine can hear. Around half of the canines would promptly retreat in fear.” That’s what he says assuming the canine draws any nearer, utilize the immobilizer.


The Times Herald-Record of April 13, 2006 subtleties the utilization of a TASER firearm by a Monroe, NY cop to quell two going after pit bulls on a fairway. The canines which got away from their home had been threatening golf players at the Monroe Country Club and golf players were left safeguarding themselves utilizing golf clubs. The official destroyed the canines two times compelling the canines to get back.


In another episode, Police officials in the UK outfitted with an immobilizer tasered a canine after having turned on its proprietor in Blackburn, Lancashire was accounted for. The canine, remembered to be a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, is said to have gone after 45 year old proprietor was out strolling it at the time on Sunday. Rescue vehicle staff showed up at the scene to treat the lady’s wounds yet pulled out after the canine went after them. A cop showed up at the scene furnished with the Taser gadget and paralyzed the canine prior to moving toward it and tying it up and taking it to a Lancashire police headquarters. The canine’s proprietor was treated for her wounds in the emergency clinic for leg wounds. Police or paramedics experienced no wounds in the occurrence.


The stagger implement is maybe the ideal immobilizer weapon to use on a canine. The steers nudge, a begetter of the advanced stagger rod, has been utilized for quite a long time to control livestock. The daze stick’s 16-22 inch length empowers an application with the arm outstretched. Standard rectangular immobilizers top out at around 9 inches tall and require extremely close contact to the creature that could represent a threat to the client. Most shock mallet discharge an electrical charge along the upper piece of the uncovered shaft. So regardless of whether you can’t utilize the tip, a strike of the rod’s shaft to a creature’s flank would be similarly as successful.


The disclaimer here is that no review has been led to discover the impacts and security of immobilizers on creatures. Until more is known, I suggest utilizing a paralyze mallet under 1million volts. Try not to involve the gadget in a drawn out way. Assuming a 3-5 second application delivers no outcome, a more drawn out one will not be any more viable.


We suggest that walkers who might probably experience forceful canines likewise convey canine pepper shower and the Super Dog Chaser gadget. In the event that one strategy demonstrates incapable on a specific creature, the other may. Prior to buying an immobilizer or pepper shower, check your state’s guidelines as some limit the utilization of these gadgets.

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